This is a drone that looks great from the outside. It’s small and looks like it could be pretty fast. It even comes with everything you need for FPV racing (a controller, charger, batteries and FPV gear). You get all of this for a low price of $359.99 which sounds great, but racing drones like these are not what they seem. You might have a lot of fun for the first few days of owning a drone like this, but after getting more familiar with what a good racing drone really is, you will soon be looking for something much better.

The Eachine Racer 250 as an example, but there are a lot of cheap ready-to-fly racing drones out there in this price range, and the story is always the same. They all use the cheapest components possible, cutting corners with the design whenever they can. Quality control can also be a big issue, but the main reason why I wouldn’t recommend these kinds of drones is because they just aren’t designed to grow. You probably won’t be using the cheap controllers, battery chargers and FPV gear that come with these kits on future drone builds, so you’re basically throwing away money if you plan on upgrading.

However, if you’re dying to try FPV racing and you just can’t afford to spend the extra money on a proper setup, a drone like this could be the best option.